Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well, Flickr deleted my account for reasons as of yet unknown...there was no indication, no warning, rather than go through it all again, I decided to splurge and buy a domain to post on. Details to follow!

It seems like the Flickr logic is to delete first and respond to questions later...and slowly, even then. And it's likely too late at that point anyway...all of your pics, contacts, messages,'s *all* gone. Poof!



  1. sorry to hear that you had great collection of pics...

  2. Flikr did me like that as well as Webshots. I have tons of pics with no nudity. You can find me and what Webshots didn't delete under the user name sausage tits. Keep up the good work. It's very appreciated.

  3. Sorry about that. You had your pics to access all public..?

    I'll recomend you show only to your friends & family and put the type of photos in a level of moderate.

    Greetings. Daniel

  4. Alex!! I to was saddened when I saw your photos have gone missing..the pictures are always amazing! If thier is anything i can ever do to help (contribute pics/money for this site..ANYTHING!) just ask. I have been a huge fan of yours since day one, and do not want to see you go missing again!

  5. I had this same problem also on another pantyhose website when I posted a picture of friend in hose. her boyfriend sent a complaint email and my account was deleted. This really sucked because there was no nudity, however when you put it in a fetish site then it could be misunderstood :(

  6. good to see you back, I was a friend on flickr
    before you were deleted. you have the best
    pantyhose photo's anywhere. hope you will keep
    me as a friend.


  7. im upset 2 not see you on flickr any more,its not as if you had any nude girls in your photostream.
    But you did have some of tha' sexiest girls in nylons [loved da feet pix]-shame on you flickr tut tut tut